Arrival & Dismissal Procedures

Seating assignments for school time performances are organized by Palace staff. Please identify any special needs of students when ordering your tickets. The Palace can accommodate wheelchairs and students with sight and hearing impairments. The Palace does not have an individual on staff who can provide ASL interpretation, but we will provide a chair and discreet lighting for a signer provided by the attending school group. Additionally, the Palace has a select number of assisted hearing devices on site for loan during a performance. Please inquire about usage of these devices when making your reservation.

Location of seats are assigned solely for keeping groups together in the best possible configuration while accommodating special needs. A Palace staff person will dismiss each group from the stage after the performance. No preference can be given for first dismissal and we suggest teachers plan on an additional ½ hour after the performance is scheduled to end. Cooperation, quick boarding of buses, and expedient head counts ensure all groups will be dismissed safely. Regarding arrivals, please note that latecomers will be seated at the discretion of management during a break in the performance.

Bus Parking

The Palace Theatre is on the corner of Clinton Avenue and North Pearl Streets in downtown Albany. Theater personnel will direct buses on both of these streets to an appropriate unloading area. No bus that is double parked will be allowed to board or disboard their students! It is essential that drivers cooperate with the theatre staff. Our staff is both experienced and knowledgeable of the best and safest procedures to coordinate the bus drop off and pick ups. Directions will be given to drivers once buses are unloaded with return times and location. For home school groups or others who may be arriving by car or van, metered parking is available on Downtown Albany streets, and paid parking may be available in nearby lots and garages.

Theatre Policies

In many instances the school programs at the Palace Theatre are a student’s first introduction to live theatre. Our staff will happily provide theatre etiquette guidelines upon request so that teachers may review these guidelines with students prior attending the performance. In order to facilitate everyone's safety and comfort, teachers and chaperones are expected to maintain the conduct of their group. Unruly groups may have their entry delayed so as not to disrupt other groups.

Please ask students to remove hats or caps, refrain from chewing gum, and leave all food and beverages on the bus.


As our school time performances are roughly an hour in length with no intermission, concession stands in the theatre are closed for these events. Please note that no outside food or drink (except for water in sealable bottles) will be allowed into the theatre.