Feb 20

Palace Theatre Announces Sensory Friendly Movie Screenings

Palace Theatre Announcement
Lilo and Stitch - Sensory Friendly Screening
Monday, April 13 - Doors: Noon / Movie: 1:00pm
The Palace Theatre is pleased to announce the addition of a sensory friendly screening of the Disney classic LILO AND STITCH as part of our 2020 Family Fun Days. The sensory friendly screening will take place on Monday, April 13, while the standard Family Fun Day screening will take place on Tuesday, April 14. For both screenings, doors to the theatre will open at Noon for Games and Activities and the Movie will begin at 1:00pm.
The Palace Theatre's Sensory Friendly Movie Screenings offer a special opportunity for individuals living with autism and other sensory sensitivities to enjoy a film in a safe and accepting environment. At these screenings, theatre lights will remain dim during the movie, volume levels will be reduced and patrons are free to move around and vocalize in whatever way they need.
The Palace Theatre Movie Series and Family Fun Days are Presented by CDPHP and Sponsored by CAPCOM Federal Credit Union and Stewart’s Shops / Dake Family.
TICKETS ARE $5 and available at the Palace Theatre Box Office (located at 19 Clinton Ave). Box Office hours are Monday – Friday 9AM to 5PM as well as select days and hours for events and On Sales. Tickets are also available for purchase by phone at 518-465-4663 and online at palacealbany.org
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Palace Performing Arts Center
Sensory Friendly Film Screenings
Program Description:
The grand and historic Palace Theatre is a special place that belongs to everyone in our community. The Theatre is piloting a Sensory Friendly movie screening as a part of its popular Family Fun Day series. This screening is tailored to the needs of individuals who are experiencing sensory disorders such as autism. Everyone is welcome to move around and vocalize as needed. We will keep the lights up and the sound low and make every effort to ensure that individuals with sensory disorders and their family members feel welcome!  The theatre doors will open an hour prior to the movie and a variety of activities and information booths will be available.
How Sensory Screenings Differ from Regular Movie Screenings:
1) Lights are kept up higher than usual
2) Sound is lower than usual
3) Individuals are encouraged to move, vocalize, or engage in other soothing techniques including using tablets, toys, etc.
4) We will avoid films with scenes that feature loud sounds, strobe lights or sudden, complete darkness.
5) Quiet areas will be available for those who need a break.
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